May 13 2010

Shanghai Day 8, China

Visited another Chinese friend at Shanghai Finance University. There are 3 good universities in Shanghai such as FuDan, ShangHai JiaoTong and Shanghai Finance University which also are also the famous universities in China.

This is the square that universities students usually go to.

Was trying to learn more about the financial job market in Shanghai and attended a headhunter networking event at night with ZhiHan.

Some readers of my blog might be surprised of me spending more than a week in Shanghai because usually in my trip, it’s unusual to spend too many days in one particular city. My original plan was to end my trip in Shanghai at the world expo and then start being serious about my career. At the same time, some of my friends in the US had been going back to China recently and seems like Shanghai is a great place for life and career. I am also taking this opportunity to catch up with some of them. This is sort of the warm down of the last leg of my trip and I am taking my trip slower this time.


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