May 17 2010

HangZhou to Shenzhen, China

Bought a train ticket on Saturday when I got to the Hangzhou train station. However, only standing tickets were available because there is only one train a day from Hanzhou towards Shenzhen.

The train will depart from HangZhou south station which is a little far away from the city. Took a public bus towards Hangzhou south station at 12pm.

Lunch, rice with dishes 10Yuan~USD$1.5

Since I still have time to spare, fixed my broken shoe.(14Yuan~USD$2). This lady has been fixing shoes since 30 years ago or this was what she told me.

Almost time to get on the train. A big crowd getting on the train and there was no point to queue anyway.

Got on the T211 2.20pm (218 Yuan~USD$32). It’s around 1700km to Shenzhen and will take approximately around 17 hours to get there.

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The train was already full even before the huge crowd managed to get on the train.

There was no room even for me to stand

Night falls, still packed like sardines and stood at the same spot for the past 7 hours.

I have some movies on my laptop and got some of the train passengers interested in it.

Don’t even think about getting an empty spot at the door.


2 Responses to “HangZhou to Shenzhen, China”

  1. Fann says:

    why you keep on taking the botak’s photos? So funny, this big shining lamp post appears 3 times in one blog,haha..I am wearing sun glasses now. hahaha..

  2. Vivian G. says:

    The dude in pic 11 must know kongfu!

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