Aug 27 2009


My Trip Around the World

I am just another guy who is curious about the world and planning to take time off a few months to travel the world from Aug 2nd till don’t know when yet..

I figure that by writing a blog, I can share some of my experiences with families and friends as well as keeping a journal so I won’t forget about the things I see and do. Some friends say that hate me when they heard that I am making this trip so I just want to share some of my experiences in the blog. The other reason is to prevent me from being lazy while traveling.

Some Things About Me

I am 26, lived a quarter of my life in US and 3/4 in Malaysia. Have been to 20 countries before this trip and been to most of the states in the US except Hawaii, Alaska and North Dakota.

“You only live once”, a guy just told me few days ago when he bought my car. Even though I heard that a lot but it really sinks into my head this time. This is a good time to travel since I have some time on my side, have some savings, my youth and not missing out a lot from the current economy situation.

My home town Penang

Some promotions for Malaysian tourism, my home country

New York City, where I lived and worked before my travels


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  1. kuok boon says:

    wei jen.. i proud of you ..
    hope able travel with you like we play soccer together last time.

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