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Jan 05 2010

Erlian, China

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Arrived at Erlian around 6am in the morning. Weather here is colder than HohHot. Walked around and found an internet cafe. Spent a few hours at the internet cafe while waiting for sun rise.

Train station

Found out that there is another train that will cross the border from Erlian to Zamin Uud, (ZhangMuDe) a town at the mongolian side at 5.10pm. There are trains from Erlian to ZhangMuDe on Mon, Tues and Thursday. Decided to take the train instead since it’s an easier option than taking multiple vehicles to cross the border myself, especially the weather is quite cold now. Today the weather temperature ranges from around -30C – -15C.

Mongolia couple

Got on the 685 train (66 Yuan~USD$10) at 5.10pm and crossed the border.

It looked like there were smoke on the train but actually it’s just hot air because the weather was too cold.

On the train

the conductor was selling another ticket to Ulan Bator on the same train. The ticket costing 39,200 ~190 Yuan~USD$18.

My bunk mate, from shangdong

Hot air

After going for around 10km, the train stopped at the border town of ZhangMuDe for a few hours for immigration controls and changing the tracks. The train departed from ZhangMuDe at around 9.15pm.

Jan 04 2010

Hohhot (HuHeHaoTe), China

Arrived at HohHot(Huhehaote) at 6am in the morning. HohHot is the capital of Inner Mongolia province. The weather here is pretty cold, below -20C.

Stored my bag at the train station for 8 Yuan. Since the places I will be going next are be colder, tried looking for warmer clothes.

Traffic jam

Got on bus 58 to the provincial museum. The design of the museum is very beautiful and just like the few other provincial museums, the museum is new and free.

Unfortunately, the museum is close on Monday.

Like everywhere else in China, lots of contructions going on

ZhongShan lu.

Another shopping street

Businesses in China are very competitive.
2 other similar Nike looking stores just beside this Nike store.


City View, Mongolian yurt like buildings

There is a mongolian translation on most signboards. Mongolian word for China Mobile.

Da Zhao temple.

Animal products

Soy water and douhua (5 Yuan~USD$0.8)for lunch.

The direct train from HuHeHaoTe to Ulan Bator cost 972 Yuan since it’s an international line. Decided to get to Er Lian, the border town with Mongolia first and crossed the border myself in order to save money.

Took the 10.05pm overnight train K4652 to Er Lian (36 Yuan~USD$5.5, hard seat). I wasn’t able to get a sleeping berth because the train was pretty full.

The train was packed like Sardine

because the train to Er Lian yesterday was covered with snow and was canceled. At the same time, inside the train was quite merry. Wasn’t able to sleep and had to take turns standing.


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