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Oct 07 2009

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Took an overnight bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo (10.25pm – 5.30am, 20 Euros). I was late and have to catch the bus after the bus left the platform.

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia with a population of 500,000. There is another capital called Banja Luka which is the capital of Republika Srpska. Republika is kind of like a Serb territory inside Bosnia.

Sarajevo is one of the most historically interesting cities in Europe. It is the place where the Western & Eastern Roman Empire split; where the people of the Roman Catholic west, Eastern Orthodox east and the Ottoman south, met, lived and warred

Arrived at the smaller bus station at the west part of the city at 5.30am. Took a bus from the small bus station at New Sarajevo to the main bus/train station in the city.
CIMG4871 [640x480]
Got the schedules of train and busses then took tram 1 to the old town. Found a place to store my bag for 5 Euros because I was not sure if I will be staying there for a night yet.

Old town
CIMG4875 [640x480]

CIMG4877 [640x480]

CIMG4879 [640x480]

Chess Player
CIMG4887 [640x480]

Met 2 other Chinese guys at a mosque and we hang out together. There are working in Turkey and came for a short break.
The corner beside this bridge is the catalyst for world war I where the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was assacinated.
CIMG4895 [640x480]

With my new travel mates
CIMG4907 [640x480]

Since we covered pretty much the old city by walking, I decided to take the overnight train at 10.25pm to Sarajevo (46.20 Bosnia Mark, around 23 Euros)
CIMG4910 [640x480]


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