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Oct 24 2009

Sofia, Bulgaria

Arrived at the train station
CIMG5686 [640x480]
in Sofia at 6am.

I had trouble reading all the sign boards because all the writing in Bulgaria is in Cyrillic. Bulgarians are proud of the Cyrillic alphabets because it’s developed in the First Bulgarian Empire.

Example of the Cyrillic alphabet

Since I didn’t do my research about hostel, I borrowed a guide book from a french girl I met on the train and jotted down the address for few hostels. Met a Korean guy, Anh at the bus station and he going to the same hostel too so we walked together to Hostel Mostel (24 LEV ~12 Euros).
CIMG5688 [640x480]

With Anh, another world traveler
CIMG5715 [640x480]

There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Sofia so we had Chinese food for lunch (2.5 Euros each).

Road name in Cyrillic
CIMG5693 [640x480]

Sofia city center
CIMG5689 [640x480]

CIMG5728 [640x480]

National Palace of Culture
CIMG5692 [640x480]

Alexander Nevski Catheral
CIMG5698 [640x480]

Grabbed Pizza with a few Hostel Mate
CIMG5714 [640x480]

Then we visited Mojito which is a bar/club.

Next day,
Daylights saving start today and Bulgarians move their clock an hour backward.

Sveta Nedelia Square
CIMG5719 [640x480]

Main Central Market
CIMG5720 [640x480]

More Cyrillic
CIMG5721 [640x480]

Went to the bus station to ask about tickets to Istanbul. Train cost around 60 Leva and takes 13 hours but is more comfortable. Bus only cost 40 Leva and will take 9 hours so I decided to take the bus because of the later departure time.

CIMG5722 [640x480]

Sofia Mall
CIMG5735 [640x480]

I asked around about a Chinese market and someone told me that there is a huge one at Illianti. Tried taking bus 18 but got on tram 11 instead. Usually tram 11 and 12 will go to Illianti, however they cut short the tram because of some repair work so I wasn’t able to get there.

Took a 9pm bus to Istanbul (40 LEV ~20 Euros). Bulgarians are quite nice and friendly but the country is still poor and behind in its economy. It seems like the country still hasn’t move forward after communism collapsed. Things are cheaper here than other parts of Europe but average salary is just around 200 Euros a month so life is hard for the people in the country.


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