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Oct 12 2009

Bratislava, Slovakia

Wy?wietl wi?ksz? map?
Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and largest city in Slovakia. It has a population of almost 450,000 and is the administrative, cultural and economic centre of the country. and the country just started using the Euro from Jan 1st this year. The transporation is using the validation system similar to other Balkan countries for trams and buses.

CIMG5060 [640x480]

CIMG5061 [640x480]

Blue Church
CIMG5062 [640x480]

There is a Tesco close to my hostel and loaded up some groceries and food. Bratislava is famous for good mineral water and there are many different types of mineral water.
Walked around the city and met 3 other Malaysians studying in Germany and hung out for the day.
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CIMG5075 [640x480]

Another Castle
CIMG5076 [640x480]

Castle, Danube river, UFO bridge and the communist style buildings across the river.

President Palaces.
CIMG5087 [640x480]

There isn’t much to see in Bratislava and the old town is quite small.
Visited Aupark which is the biggest mall there.
CIMG5090 [640x480]
Took a bus to Petržalka which has one the of largest communist style buildings.
CIMG5092 [640x480]

At The Music Lounge.
CIMG5101 [640x480]

Took the 10.55pm bus to Krakow (44.2 Euros, 7.5 hours ride)

Oct 11 2009

Vienna, Austria

Took a morning train to Vienna at 8.05am (29 Euros, 6 hours, switched train at Maribor). I walked from Ayda place and the walk + run took me almost 40 mins, I almost missed the train by just a minute.

Train Station
CIMG4994 [640x480]

This was my second time to Vienna. Vienna is quite pretty with some very nice looking buildings and architecture. Vienna’s downtown area is a UNESCO world heritage site and has a population of 1.7 millions people. Vienna is very touristy and things are quite expensive here.

CIMG5000 [640x480]

Karlskirche (St.Charles Cathedral)
CIMG5002 [640x480]

CIMG5005 [640x480]

Kärntner Straße (a shopping avenue)
CIMG5014 [640x480]

Stephansdom (Gothic style building)
CIMG5018 [640x480]

Walked around Vienna for around 4 hours with my backpack. This is the longest I have walked with full gear on.
Opera House
CIMG5051 [640x480]

Took an evening bus 7pm from Vienna to Bratislava (7.7 Euro).
CIMG5056 [640x480]

Vienna and Bratislava are the closest capital in the world, around 80 km apart. The bus (Slovakline) is cheaper than the train which cost 14 Euros and took 1.5 hours.

Wy?wietl wi?ksz? map?
Arrived at Bratislava and found my way to Patio Hostel. I remembered they advertised the price on the web for 8 Euros but walk in price is 15 Euros. The receptionist is quite nice to borrow me the internet to do a reservation before checking in.


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