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Sep 08 2009

Last day in London

Walked around the city center today, from Northeast London city center, Faringdon Station to South West London city center, Imperial College.

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I have a late lunch at a Buffet Thai vegetarian place (5.50 pounds). I love buffet..and that will be my meal for the day..haha.

Stop by Harrods, a pretty interesting shopping mall

A 5000 pounds cake, it’s not the weight, it’s how much it cost

Spent some time at Imperial College then checked out a couch surfing meeting London at Oxford St in the evening.

Sep 07 2009


Joined a free London walking tour this morning. They have free tours at 11am and 4pm.

Met at Wellington Arch which is just beside Hyde Park metro stop.

Walked to Buckingham Palace

change of guards opposite St. James Park

The walking tour took 2.5 hours and passed by Pall Mall st., Trafalgar square, some Palaces and then Westminster.

Then took a train to cambridge at 2.45pm (20 pounds for 45 mins off peak same day return ticket). There is also another option of taking a bus which is cheaper (around 5 pounds) and slower (2 hours), I took the train because it’s late in the day and Cambridge is just around 80km away from London.

Train to Cambridge

Visited Wei Sing’s dorm and we went to Cambridge University Addenbrookes hospital for his training. While waiting, I took bus Uni 4 to west Cambridge where there are newer buildings for science and engineering.

Physics building

Took another bus to the city,

Cambridge University celebrates its 800 year anniversary this year. It’s one of the oldest university.

An old college

Met my old high school classmate ChinLik who is doing his Phd in neuroscience and we went for dinner.

With the 2 doctors.

Took the last train back to London at 11.20pm. Arrived at King Cross station around 12.30am then walked back to my aunt’s place which is not too far away.

Sep 06 2009

London 2nd day

It’s very nice for Wei Sing to take a train down from Cambridge to visit me and we walked around the city. Called up YingJie, a good friend of mine and we decided to meet at King Cross station. I have not see her for 7 years and she still look the same.
King Cross Station

British Museum

British Library

Renae and Jay treated us at a good chinese restaurant famous for its roast duck. too bad I forgot to take a pic then..

Trafalgar Square

Big Lion at the square, there are 4 of this lion actually

Palace of Westminster Building

Sep 05 2009


Arrived at London Heathrow airport after 11 hours of flying time. At the airport, I tried to ask the direction to Farringdon station at an information counter since I heard there are some maintenance works going on at the subway. The lady at the information center doesn’t want to tell me anything and just gave me a map. At first I thought she was joking but she was not. I was going to say something bad to her face but managed to keep my cool.

Took the underground (4 pounds) to my aunt’s house. Since King Cross station is close on the Picadilly line, I got off at St. Paul and walked to Britton St. which is just beside Faringdon station.

I am supposed to fly out of London to Cairo on Monday morning but I called up the travel agent to change my flight to Wednesday morning instead (cost $52.80 which is not too bad) so I have more time to prepare for the next leg of my trip. I got my own bedroom here so I can have it easy for a few days before getting back into the backpacking mode.

Renae and Jay brought me to a malaysian restaurant for dinner and I had curry noodles which is pretty good.


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