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Aug 01 2009

Last Day in NYC

Last day before my trip.


Airticket, visas (only got chinese visa uzbekistan visa)


My backpack

Went to K town and met up with old housemates and friends.

With Vernon and gangs..

Got home, slept for 1 hour and to Bogota!!

Jul 31 2009

2 more days

2 more days and I will leave NYC.

Since I haven’t got time to plan my trip, went to Barnes and Nobles today and bought the lonely planet guide “South America on a shoestring”. The book is 1000 pages long and that will keep my busy on the plane.


BBQ at Long Island city in the evening and here are the pics!!

CIMG2542 CIMG2543 CIMG2544 CIMG2545 CIMG2546 CIMG2547 CIMG2548 CIMG2549 CIMG2550 CIMG2551 CIMG2552 CIMG2553 CIMG2554 CIMG2555 CIMG2556 CIMG2557 CIMG2558 CIMG2559 CIMG2560 CIMG2562
Jul 30 2009

Last few days

Flying off in less than 3 days and don’t think I did enough preparation for this trip yet.
I sold my car today to Elvis and we went to the DMV in queens to return my car plate. I have been driving the car for 5 years so I will definitely miss my car.



The DMV is just around flushing and there was a long queue at the DMV when we arrived. Surprisingly the DMV is pretty efficient and we managed to get everything done in an hour.





Stopped by flushing to grab the $4.95 lunch last time. 4 good dishes, fruit, soup and drink for 4.95? That’s the most reasonable food place in New York City I found so far.



Had a farewell dinner at a chinese restaurant with some old friends this evening.

CIMG2540 CIMG2531 CIMG2532 CIMG2533 CIMG2534 CIMG2535 CIMG2536 CIMG2537

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