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Aug 08 2009

Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar

Valparaiso which is also a UNESCO heritage site and Vina Del Mar is around 1.5 hours drive away from Santiago.
Both Valparaiso and Vina Del Mar are close by each other, 15 minutes drive away
Valparaiso is a port city and Vina Del Mar is more of a place with beach resorts and newer buildings

Grab lunch at a seafood restaurant


Crab Cake
Crab Cake

Valparaiso at night
Valparaiso at night

Went to the casino at Vina Del Mar at night, then head back home.

Aug 07 2009

Santiago and couch surf

Empanadas for lunch (950 pesos each, around $2 each and it’s huge)

Took a funicular to Cerro San Cristobal which is one of the highest peak and have a big statue of Virgin Mary at the top.

View from Cerro San Cristobal is pretty nice. We can see the whole city with the Andes Mountain as a background.
Scenary from St Cristobal

Went to the post office after that to mail some postcards. On the way, met Jonathan from the same hostel. Walked around the city and hang out for a little bit.

I have contacted Alvaro about couch surfing and finally we planned to meet up at Manuel Montt station at 9.30pm ish. Alvaro has a nice apartment and a good couch to surf.


Victor dropped by and we went to a hip bar called Grand Central. Then moved to another club called House of Glass. Seems like in Chile, the party only starts after 2am and there is still a long line at 3am to get in.

House of Glass


Aug 06 2009


Walked around the city today and the weather is pretty cold.

Ate at Vegas Market again..there’s where the locals eat
Vega Market

Pollo with rice (chicken with rice, soup, salad 1000 pesos around $2)
Pollo (chicken)

Walked around the city with Jon.

Went to Plaza De Armas

Museu National

Chilean Stock Exchange

Climbed up Santa Lucia

Chilean party
Constitution night club clip

Aug 05 2009

Santiago, Chile

At Bellavista HostelArrived at Santiago airport at 4.30am. Took a shuttle bus to the hostel ($10) since a cab cost arond $25.
The weather in Santiago is pretty chilly since it’s still winter here.

Hostel Bellavista
Hostel Bellavista

Met some crazy Americans at the hostel and hang out around santiago together. Surprisingly, there are 2 person from Astoria in the group.
Lunch at the local market
Bellavista area
Santiago, Chile
Art Museum
Art Museum
With Ali G
Santiago Subway
1 liter beer in Santiago
1 liter beer
Abbie wants to be in the blog too
Abbie, Ali G and Josh fish tool?
Abbie, Ali G and Josh fish tool?
At Bellavista Hostel
Bellavista hostel


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