Jul 29 2009

Travel Tips

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  1. Chi says:

    In one of your post’s you wrote:

    “After spending the last 4 nights on a train, I am looking forward to sleep in a youth hostel tonight. From HohHot to Ulan Bator, the train tickets in total cost me (36+66+191=293) 293 Yuan. However, by taking a direct train “from HohHot to Ulan Bator, it would cost 972 Yuan. Both options took the same amount of time, will arrive at the same time and it’s actually the same train. This is just a travel tips for travellers.”

    I am wondering, how did you get the cheaper fare from Huh hot to Ulan Bator?

    I want to travel from huhhot to ulan bator in September, how can I make this cheapest??

  2. journey26 says:

    To get the cheaper fare, don’t buy the ticket from the international counter and get it from the domestic counter. Get the ticket to the last stop (ErLian) at the border, then buy another ticket at the border (Erlian) to the border town in Mongolia. When you get on the train, you can extend the ticket towards Ulan Bator. So in total it should cost around 300 Yuan.

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