July 22nd, 2012

Sunday – Did the Grimaldo’s mile swim in the morning. I was so slow in the water, got out the water at around 47 mins, was the last few ppl out from the water.. :((

Did my first long run in the eveing after being sidelined for 3 weeks. Ran almost 20 miles. I am so relieved! Also was surprised at how I felt, I think all those biking helped me kept my base fitness.

Saturday – Biked to Bear Mountain on my Cervelo, another 100 miles ride.

My garmin died again after 50 miles.

Friday – Swum in Chelsea

Thursday – Rode 2 loops around CP http://connect.garmin.com/activity/201048407 in the morning at around 20miles/hour
Was going to do another run but my ankle started to hurt after 1 mile so went for a bike ride instead, 3 loops around CP at 21 miles/hour on my new bike.

Wednesday – Rest

Tuesday – First run after more than 2 weeks, 9 miles! I was so glad about that. My ankle had a clicking sound for the first few miles.

Monday – Swam in River Bank state park, still wasn’t able to kick because of my ankle.

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