May 28th, 2012

Monday – It’s Memorial Day today, so went on a ride with NYCC. Like every year, Memorial day this year was hot and humid! The theme of the ride is called Nightmare on Elm. In total, we did 60 ish miles with a very hilly course. Starting from Upper east side, going south across New jersey and ended in Staten Island. A couple of hills were grade 20 and Elm street has a grade of 30 degrees!

Got back home and did a BRICK, ran 4.5 miles at 7:14 pace.

Sunday – Long run

Saturday – Bike ride to Piermont and back, around 40-50 miles,

Friday – Short Swim session

Thursday – 4-5 miles Easy run

Wednesday – Bike interval workout, 5X3min spin with 3 min recovery

Tuesday – 6 miles progression run with the team, started at 7:30 pace and ended at 6:25 pace average 6:55 min/mile.

Monday – Swim in River Bank pool in the evening

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May 20th, 2012

Sunday – Bike to Nyack and back, around 50 miles at around 17-18 miles/hour pace

Saturday – Brooklyn Half Marathon! Felt pretty good in the morning and thought I was going to PR but got a cramp at mile 10 in my calf and had to slow down, finished it in 1:28:28, 6:46 min/mile pace. Couldn’t figure out why I got cramp again in my calf, should have brought some salt stick pill with me.

Haven’t been updating my blog and can’t really recall what workouts did I do for this week.

Tues -Ran with the team, 6 miles in the evening.

Mon – An hour swim in the pool in the evening.

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May 13th, 2012

Sunday – Rode to Nyack and back this morning. The weather was pretty warm and I am sun burned now. Got a flat tire on the way back but luckily I was not far from the bike shop when that happened. Took me a while to change the tire and had to try out 3 different tubes, first tube was uneven and I learned I should not keep my tube under the sun inside the pouch behind my bike saddle, second one pop when I pumped it to 110 psi and luckily the third one worked. In total, rode around 53 miles at 17 miles an hour.

Saturday – Long run with the whippets, 13 miles along the west side highway at 7:20ish pace. It’s pretty warm today.

Friday – Swam for an hour at River Bank pool. Keri told me that my stroke didn’t sync too well and seems like I stopped at each stroke. I always thought I need to glide more to increase my distance/stroke, but instead by doing this is slowing down my momentum. So I’ll have to relearn my swim stroke.

Thursday – Did track workout at East River track, first track workout of the year. We did 2X800m, 2X1600, 1X3200, 3X400

Wednesday – Interval bike ride 3X5 mins. Tried out the heart rate monitor, got my heart rate up to 150-155 for each interval.

Tuesday – Ran 6 miles loop around Central Park, 7 min/mile pace

Monday – Swam at River Bank for an hour.

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May 6th, 2012

Sunday – Volunteered as a course marshal for the TD 5 boro bike tour. We started at 7:45am at downtown and arrived in Staten Island around 10am. The course is around 35 miles. Riding as a course marshal is great because we got to front in front of the VIP riders and just right behind the police car. Finished the ride early and figured I need to get more miles in on my bike. I was on the bike for only 20 mins this whole week, so happened to meet a friend on the Staten Island ferry on the way home and borrowed his bib and did a second loop (skipped the Bronx because they opened up the road when I got there). Met up with Katie and Lindsay in Staten Island, then we rode back to Central Park and did 8 loops around the Harlem Hill. In total, I think I managed to get in 80-90 miles.

Saturday – Long Run/Progressive run in Central Park, 11 miles. Picked up pace each mile after mile 7 with an average pace of 7:09 min/mile.

Friday – Swam for 30 mins in Chelsea

Thursday – Rest day

Wednesday – BRICK Bike ride on my trainer 4X5 mins interval then ran a quick 2 miles around 6:30 pace after

Tuesday – Hill repeats 6X800m CatHill in Central park

Monday – an hour Swim session at River Bank state park


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April 29, 2012

Sunday – Ran the 4m JP Morgan Run for One today. Was shooting for a sub 6 min/mile pace PR but had a tough time after mile 2 going up those hills. Legs were sore from yesterday’s basketball game, should have rested my legs. 4 mile, 24:38, 6:09 pace

Had my last swimming lesson at 9pm tonight. The instructor taught us something about open water swimming.. such as drafting, sighting and swimming in a straight line.. Oh man..all those open water swimming styles are so tough, really got me worried about the swimming part again. The hardest part is sighting, my legs kept sinking when I sight and really required a lot of effort.  So this week, because of the race on Sunday, I have not been training as hard, only did one bike ride. Need to put more effort in biking for this coming week.

Saturday  – Basketball and short bike ride

Friday – Swim for 40 mins in the evening, still hate swimming

Thursday – Rest day

Wednesday – Did a quick bike ride, 2 loops around CP and 4 loops around Harlem Hill. It’s a short workout because had a dinner appointment that night. I think in total, I only rode around 18 miles. (not exact)

Tuesday – Did a lactate threshold alternate run with my team. 0.5 mile 5k pace and 0.5 mile 10k pace for recovery. Did 5 repeats in total around 5 m. Was pushing myself and average pace was 6:07 which was faster than my PR. (not exact)

Monday – Weekly swim session plus Covo happy hour pizza after. I am still a slow swimmer so Nikki helped me took a video of my swim for me to analyze it after. Please critique.

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April 22, 2012

Sunday – Was a rainy day, did 2 loops bike ride around the park, swimming lesson in the evening.

Saturday – Long run with Beth, Jim and Kevin. 16 miles at 7:30 min/mile pace along the west side

Friday – Swim session

Thursday – Ran with Nike town, did 3X0.6 mile run at sub 6 min/mile pace

Wednesday – Don’t remember

Tues – Did hill workout with my team. 14x200m up Cat Hill.

Monday – Bike ride, 3 big loops around the park and 10 loops around Harlem Hill 32 miles at 19 miles/hour


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April 15, 2012

Sunday April 15th – Swimming lesson in the evening

Saturday April 14th – Rode 3 loops around CP in the morning. Had a crash after the 2nd loop, it sure doesn’t feel fun crashing at 20 miles and hour on the bike. My shirt and gloves were cut but luckily my bike wasn’t damaged, at least I don’t have head injury.

Did another long run 14 miles in the evening with Lindsay, because of my injury, just ran it easy at 8:30 pace

Friday – Swim session

Thurs – Niketown run

Wed – Don’t remember

Tues – Ran 6 miles, the workout was 6 min run at 7 :30 pace and surge for 2 mins after that.

Monday – Swim session

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April 8, 2012

Sunday – Rode 3 loops around Central park plus 10 loops around Harlem hill. Harlem Hill is a 4.4% grade hill so it’s a pretty good hill workout. Weather was amazing today and it’s pretty crowded in Central Park. So did the Hill Repeats until the park became less crowded. Rode around 34 miles today. It’s more efficient riding in Central Park than going all the way to Nyack because it only took me less than 2 hours to do 34 miles and was able to to avoid the traffics.

Saturday – Did the Scotland run 10k, was pretty nervous before the race because my left ankle has been hurting the whole week and was glad that my left ankle turned out ok. I felt fine after the first mile so I raced it. 39:38, 6:24 m/m pace

Friday – Swam for 30 mins in the pool in Chelsea. My problem now is that my legs are sinking, I guess I’ll need to figure out a way to gain more fat so I can float

Thurs – Rest

Wed – Swam in the pool in Chelsea

Tues – Did a recovery run with the whippet, my left ankle were hurting, afraid that it might be  tendinitis so took it easy, especially there is a race coming up on Sat. Only ran 2 miles.

Mon – Swam in the pool in Riverbank State Park (145th st) with Keri, Rich, Emi and Nikki. This is my first time to the pool, it’s $2 for lap swim. Keri gave me some good advices
– Catch the water more before pulling
-Don’t glide too much and keep the turnover of my stroke constant so I don’t lose momentum
-Figure out a way to avoid my legs from sinking
The pool is pretty nice, not as crowded as the one in Chelsea but it’s a little far so not too efficient use of my time, even though the pool is nicer. Went to Covo for happy hour pizza later, the pizza is amazing. It’s 50% off on every Mon and Tues.

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April 1, 2012

Sunday – Rode to Nyack by myself and came back with Dan, Ellen, Rob. Rode around 60 miles and ate at Halo Berlin when we got back.

Saturday – Went for a morning 12 miles run by myself because got up late. 12 miles at  7:14 pace

Friday – Don’t remember what I did on Friday.

Thursday – Did hill repeats for 20 mins with Niketown

Wednesday – 4 loops bike ride around Central Park with Steve. Had a hard time keeping up because my legs were still sore from yesterday’s workout.

Tues – Lactate Threshold  Alternate run with the Whippet. 0.5 mile at 5 k pace and 0.5 mile at a pace 15 secs slower. Started the first set too fast, tried to keep up with Rei and ended up doing 5:42 pace and was suffering after that. This is always my problem, starting out too fast. Hope I will remember this next time.

Monday – Swam in Chelsea

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March 25, 2012

Did a short intensity workout this evening, biked for 8 miles, ran 2 miles and swam in a 3 hours period.
My legs were still kind of sore from yesterday’s bike ride, but decided to go for a quick bike ride around Central park. Did a loop in 20 mins and my legs were already burning.
Rode home and then went for a 2 mile run at the west side at 6:30 min/mile pace  Got home at 7:30pm, cooked spaghetti, ate it then went for my 9pm swimming lesson. I think the workout is a little similar to a sprint tri, except for the bowl of spaghetti.

We did drills during the swimming lesson today, started out a 200m swim, 200 pull, 200 kicks. Did a fast 200 m swim and my time was around 4:30 mins I think, my first ever time trial in swimming. Wasn’t fast but at least I got an idea of the level I am at. Then John, the instructor wanted us to do alternate breathing swim drills, by doing 3,5,7,5 strokes before getting a breathe. I had trouble doing that, because I have been so use to doing 2 strokes swim before breathing.

Yesterday, (Saturday) rode around 65 miles to Nyack with NYCC

Went for a swim on Friday after work.

Did the Indian drill run with Niketown on Thursday, did 4 repeats of half a mile at 7min pace. Then did 30 mins of biking on my trainer with 3x10mins sets.

Rested on Wed.

Did hill workout on Tues with the whippets, 10X400m up cat hill.

On Monday, went for a swim after work.

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